A handful of men under the leadership of M. Humm began the "Male Choral Society" of the Sundgau in the year 1878. The last surviving member of this founding group, Eugene Schlicht, passed away in 1947. By 1902 the society had been expanded through the foundation of the Choir CONCORDIA, with president, Jules Muller and musical director M. Ackermann of Basel. Ackermann and later his son, Hans, lead CONCORDIA to great success while Charles Cron of Buschwiller also lead the Male Choir to it's greatest achievements.


1902 : 1st prize category C in Munster
1903 : 1st prize in Village-Neuf
            wreath with oak leaves in Weil (Germany)
1904 : gold medal at the contest in Sierentz
1905 : 1st prize with gold medal in Strasbourg
1907 : 1st prize with gold medal in Altkirch
1908 : 1st prize in Stemen (Germany)
1909 : diploma in Birsfelden (Switzerland)
1910 : 1st prize in Colmar
1912 : 1st prize in Kandern (Allemagne)
            1st prize passed with distinction in Oberweiler (Germany)
1913 : 1st prize in Appenweier (Germany)
            1st prize for the imposed song at the contest in Belfort
            1st prize in Cernay
1914 : 1st prize in Emmendingen (Germany)


Naturally, both choirs had to reduce their activities during the war years 1914-1918.
Then, in 1919, due to the work of Emile Koerber, the surviving members of both choirs united to form the new "CONCORDIA" with 65 members under the direction of H. Ackermann. In 1926 Hans passed the baton to the unforgettable Arthur Mauz, the father of Dr. Mauz of Saint Louis. This period of great choral successes was only broken by the events of 1939.


1927 : 1st prize in Strasbourg
1930 : 1st first nominated in Guebwiller
1931 : 1st prize with gold medal in Kandern (Germany)
1932 : 1st prize with laurel wreath in Gelterkinden (Switzerland)


The older generation remembers with pleasure the two last competitions before the war. Can it really be true? - The 65 men of the CONCORDIA defeated the 120 voices of the famous Men's Choir of Basel for 2 years running.

In the same year another Men's Choir "L'Espérance" part of the "Sainte Cecile" choir was founded and soon received it's first prize a year later in Colmar under the direction of Alex Fanger of Burgfelden. In 1934 Arthur Mauz passed away and his son, Dr. Charles Mauz, took over the leadership of "CONCORDIA". Then in the memorable year of 1937 both societies took part in the regional festival of Soultz and came away with two first prizes.

As before, the war interrupted the successes and only in 1946 could the work be continued, this time under the name of "Alliance" as the union of the two pre-war choirs under the leadership of Fritz Zurbeck of Saint Louis. In 1954 the name reverted to "CONCORDIA".

Ernest Wiedemann of Saint Louis had the leadership until 1959. Then, Paul Muller the former major of Buschwiller, took control until 1966 and achieved two first prizes, one in 1963 in Saverne with promotion to the first division, and then in 1965 in Saint Louis. In 1966, Raymond Koenig, took the baton and a new period of fame began:


1968 : 1st prize promotion in Soultz-sous Forêts
1969 : 1st prize in Bourg-en-Bresse
1970 : 1st prize in Sélestat
1974 : 1st prize in Saverne
1976 : participation at the telecast from Serge Kaufmann " Les musiciens du soir ".
1977 : 1st prize promotion in the upper division in Sainte-Marie-aux- Mines
1978 : "Concordia" celebrates solemnly his centenary and get his new flag
1980 : 1st prize in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines


For 15 uninterrupted years Koenig lead the choir and then through a tragic blow of fate an illness tore him away from his friends and choral colleagues. This was in 1981, thereafter a rather confused period followed when the choir had some difficulty to find a stable director. Rene Beltz 1981-82 Catherine Varlet 1982-83 And then more stability with Francis Hettich 1983-1990 as some new singers and the musical abilities of the director combined to put the choir back onto a firm footing with many concerts in churches and choral evenings in France, Germany and Switzerland. There was even a television broadcast that brought the choir fame far beyond the confines of the region.

In 1990 Edmond Bacher, a proficient conductor and a charming man, took the baton. Under his leadership the choir soon found itself confidently looking forward to future triumphs.

Indeed, the 1991 "First European Choral Competition" in Blotzheim marks a high point in the annals of the society. 19 choirs from France and beyond with over 800 singers turned Blotzheim into the center of the choral world for one weekend. A huge undertaking that in no way hindered the progress of "CONCORDIA".

A commendation from the jury after participation in the Festival of Canton Neuenburg in Switzerland and a first prize in the second European competition in 1994 in Hagenau enabled the promotion of the choir to "The Highest Division of the First Section". In 1995 the choir took part in the 9th International Competition of Choirs in Prague and brought home a bronze medal.


In 1998, as part of the 120th anniversary celebrations, the Concordia organized the Conference of the Alsatian Choral Society and in the same year gained first prize in the 3rd European Choirs Competition in Mulhouse.


The major musical event of 2002 was, without question, "Jericho" - a symphonic poem from the Swiss composer Pierre Huwyler. Presented by: the Choral society of Saint-Louis, Concordia, "Les Mirlitons" the children's choir of Michelbach-le-bas, Solange Brom as soprano soloist, Claude Coullaut as narrator and the "La Forlane" symphony orchestra of Gebwiller. The conductor of the full ensemble was Marc Parayre. Both productions, the first in the Saint-Léger church in Blotzheim and the second in the theater "La Coupole" in Saint-Louis, were a huge success. The second concert was recorded for posterity and a compact disk produced.


The 120th anniversary in 2003 was celebrated in style with a series of productions: a jazz evening with the famous "Picadilly Six", a church concert, a lively evening of song and, as the high point, the involvement in the election of "Miss Alsace". The successful Miss Alsace, Laetitia Bleger, moved on to even greater success just one week later when she achieved the coveted title "Miss France".


Concordia, the most venerable society of Blotzheim, today counts more that 30 active members. In spite of the tendency towards an increase in the average age of the members, Concordia remains very active; organizational gifts, strong motivation and good team spirit continue to drive the choir to tackle new challenges and provide a positive influence on village life and culture. Under the baton of Edmond Bacher, an exceptional musician and colleague, Concordia looks into the future with confidence.