Blotzheim is a small town with 3 629 inhabitants.

The town belongs to the Canton of Huningue and
to the region of Mulhouse. Blotzheim is located in France,
in the region of Alsace, 11 km from Germany
and 7 km from Switzerland.

The 'Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse' lies directly next to the town.

The town has an area of 1459 ha
and lies 270 to 320 meters above sea level.

During the administration of mayor Bernard Simon
Blotzheim was tranformed;

New street lighting, pedestrian walkways, etc
Blotzheim is now a modern and well maintained town

The town is proud of it's large sport and leisure complex

A 'Mannecken-Pis' statue welcomes the visitor on the main entrance
while the 'KRUTSTORZA' (cabbage root, the nickname of the town)
slows down the traffic at the other entrance.

The naked madonna, provocative, the globe on the lap,
protects the passers by on the crossroads.

Without doubt, a charming town where culture is always
present, and life is good.